Meet Jihan White

Public Relations & Marketing Coordinator 

Q: How long have you worked here and what drew you to the job? 

White: I have been here for about two-and-a-half years, since July of 2021. I had been working in marketing and public relations for a while and was between jobs. I left my position with the Cultural Council and was looking for another position within the city that was close to the arts. I found out that James Weldon Johnson Park was looking for someone. I had actually applied to work at the park before a couple times when it was called Hemming Park and it just didn’t work out. After the name change, which was really fortuitous, I heard about the position and applied.  

Q: What does your job involve? 

White: For my job, I take care of all the PR and marketing and do most of the graphic design and layouts for our events. I manage our social media, keep up with our web site, correspond with news outlets from time-to-time and help coordinate appearances on air for Liz (McCoy). I take care of all our marketing materials in print and our weekly schedules. It’s an all encompassing, multifaceted job. 

Q: What is your favorite spot in James Weldon Johnson Park? 

White: I really love the cafe area, not any specific spot, I just like being underneath all the trees. It’s really peaceful and often very beautiful. If it’s a cloudy day or a bright and sunny day, it’s just very beautiful. I really love trees and we have some very beautiful trees. I love spending time around them. 

Additional thoughts 

I am excited to see where the park will be going and the refreshed face of James Weldon Johnson Park. Along with the name change a facelift is really important. The park is such a central location, such a gathering place for the community, it’s important that whatever updates we make honor the space and make it even more welcoming for the community, the people who have events here, the people who come here every day for lunch, the musicians who come here. It’s an important spot and I have a lot of memories in this park before the name change and since the name change. I think it’s important to honor that for the community.