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On any given day, you can find children playing in our Kids Zone, downtown employees enjoying lunch and live music in our cafe, enjoying a free event or program for the community. Sometimes soothing and relaxing; at other times, programmed and active. But always, the place where we gather and celebrate our diverse community. Connect with the best Jacksonville has to offer in a safe, vibrant place right in the middle of downtown.

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James Weldon Johnson Park is located on the most family-friendly block in downtown Jacksonville. Whether you visit us during the week or for a special event, be sure to build some time into your trip to explore the streets of downtown Jax!

Our neighbors include:

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Park rules

James Weldon Johnson Park is open from sunrise to sunset and for special events. Friends of James Weldon Johnson Park (FOJWJ) reserves the right to close all or parts of the park to the public for special events, programs or maintenance.

  • Enjoy the park in a way that does not disturb others
  • Share Park furniture when available with other park patrons
  • Position of alcoholic beverages allowed only when purchased and consumed in designated areas from a park approved vendor or through a park permitted event
  • Bringing chairs, or furniture into the park is prohibited without a park permit
  • No sitting, standing or laying on railing, fences, or concrete ledges
  • No disturbing the peace in the form of loud music, loud debates and/or discussions, from friendly or otherwise
  • No littering please dispose of all waste and designated receptacles
  • No feeding of animals
  • No indecent exposure
  • No panhandling or aggressive begging
  • No possessing illegal weapons
  • No causing fires or igniting fireworks
  • No motorized vehicles, except those operated by authorized personnel
  • No destroying park property
  • No illegal gambling
  • No sleeping or camping
  • No soliciting or bending in non-designated areas without a permit
  • Shirt and shoes must be worn at all times
  • You must have a permit from the City of Jacksonville to feed the homeless in the park
  • Game tables must be at least 6 ft apart and have no more than 4 seats per table.  No congregating around game tables.
  • No bike riding in the park unless you’re an authorized JSO officer
  • No skateboarding in the park
  • Scooters are allowed in the lower section of the park ONLY and not at all allowed during high traffic events
  • No personal grooming in the park
  • No adults allowed in the Kids Zone unless accompanied by a child
  • No persons are allowed in the landscaped areas or fountains unless for authorized maintenance
  • No persons are allowed on the stages unless authorized by park staff
  • No amplified sound allowed in the park without a park permit
  • Power outlets are to be used by park staff and authorized vendors only
  • Pets must be on a leash and picked up after at all times
  • Any encroachment or storage of privately-owned items that prevent others from using park amenities or interfere with pedestrian traffic is prohibited
  • To ensure safety of all park patrons: all bags, parcels, clothing, and other items may be subject to screening with in the park. We reserve the right not to allow any bag, parcel or other items to be brought into the park, and to deal with any unattended object in such a way as we consider appropriate. Bags, parcels, clothing or other items exceeding 22 in/56cm long, 14 in/35cm wide, and 9 in/23cm deep/height (including handles and wheels) Will not be allowed in the park
  • JSO and other law-enforcement officers have authority to enforce park rules an issue trespass warning’s which may prohibit violators from this park or all parks for one year
  • A full listing of park rules are also posted on

These rules enforce, and are defined by, relevant provisions of the Florida Statutes and the Jacksonville Ordinance Code, including but not limited to Section 614.138

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